Wireless Headphones: The Simple Jaybird or The Stylish V-Moda?

Almost everyone wants to get the best sound experience either if they are buying it or still searching because nobody wants to get bad sound in his first use. First I will make sure you fall into one of these categories.

Who wants to get enhanced sound but use lighter and simpler type of audio devices?

You or a sportsman might be! You might want to keep hearing music even in your “destroying”, toughest movement without letting it broken.

Stylish: You might want to look stylish and elegant even when hearing music

Following are 4-types of headphones you should try, select the one that suits your preference:

Introducing The Jaybird

You will get many advantages by working out and running while hearing the music.  These include more efficient use of oxygen, less pain. But there are more important things than the advantages, which is the sound itself. This is Jaybird which is designed for athletes and sports maniacs. It provides water, snow and sweat-proof feature with customizable sound through Jaybird’s app. Following is three Jaybird-made types of products you can select:

–              X3

It offers secure and comfort-fit through tips and fins that are interchangeable. It is available for music and calls with up to total 8 hours of play time. It gives you crispy sound in the set that fits in ears as most comfortable and seamless ear buds with perfect performance, “compatible” for many different sports with only one device.

–              Freedom 2

In the name of Freedom, it provides features just like the X3, but with separated total 8 hours of play time available. The 4 hours of play time and the rest as charge clip. Soon, you will not even feel that you are using the Freedom 2 because it is very light and comfortable. It has been made only for true sportsmen who are fearless in working out in the rain, snow, and mud. Be dirty, dirty mean alive.

–              Run

If you need more play time, then Run will give you 4 hours of play time, which in addition provides 8 hours of charge case. It gets charged as fast as possible when you are running; it takes 5 minutes to charge for 1 hour of play time. Are you ready for 12 hours RUNning?

–              The V-Moda

V-Moda is very stylish, has a magnificent, clear sound with wireless headphones. There is Crossfade and Forza Metallo, but I am sure that the Crossfade 2 will more satisfy you. Let yourself know the reasons.

Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition

It is made-in-Japan, Hi-Res CCAW coils. Plug into Hi-res music source, Crossfade will endure against frequencies beyond 40 kHz.

It offers more than 14 hours of play time.  Charging only 150 minutes for the whole playtime is sufficient. Experience the live performance. Crystal clear cymbals, also hi-hats crispy brought with Hi-res sparkle and velocity, clean and safe for your ear. Created with over 5 years of research and developed for the true gamer or everyone else.

Truly wireless, enjoy up to 10 meters away from your source device. It has a modern color design selection. You can find the one that matches with your style; the minimalist matte black, matte white and the rose gold on matte black.

Which One Will You Prefer?

Which one won your heart?  The elegant and stylish one: V-Moda or the other that is specially designed for the best workout performance: the Jaybird? Both are all about quality, so decide for yourself which one has more engaging audio quality.